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Welcome!  The fact that you’re here means you already recognize the tremendous market potential of retiree relocation!  Millions of dollars in wealth will be transferred based on the choices made by boomer retirees with discretion to live where they choose.  The AARC targets communities.  Whether you’re a private developer, a chamber or tourism professional, or a government official, AARC is your information source!

A wide range of indicators have been pointing towards an improved housing market, with evidence that prices, sales and construction activity are all continuing to rise after some lean years.  Recent data continues to show that housing, which was battered by the 2007-09 recession, is increasingly one of the brighter spots in the economy.

Now is the time to capitalize on your efforts with the current uptick in the market.  The AARC continues as your primary vehicle for learning how to reach those retirees looking to relocate and combines the knowledge of many professionals who all have a hand in retiree recruitment.  If you are a member, please feel free to use our on-line research and webinars to learn the latest trends.

One of our newest programs is a consumer marketing website for Seal of Approval recipients which was established to recognize communities and master-planned developments that possess the resources and amenities to attract today’s relocating retiree.  Go to to research unbiased information on retirement communities for buyers and then you will realize how important it is that your community be among this top-notch group.  To our members, we truly appreciate your membership and endearing friendship.  We are constantly looking for more ways to help you grow with our rebounding economy and to the not-yet-members we sincerely encourage you to get involved so you too can provide insight into this ever-changing segment of the market.


Jeff Fleming, Chair

AARC Members in Ten States Participate in ideal-LIVING’s Retiree Platform

RPI Story.1 - bestplaces 13 cvr_webA 2013 AARC national retiree study revealed that 40% of those planning to retire will move.  Since 1989 hundreds of communities have utilized RPI Media, Inc’s ideal-LIVING (formerly Live South) expos, publications and websites to reach those moving retiree home buyers. AARC members from 10 states, AR, AZ, DE, FL, GA, MS, NC, SC, TN & VA are among these participants.  Former AARC Chair and Retire Tennessee Program Director Ramay Winchester said, “The ideal-LIVING platform puts our communities in touch and face to face with thousands of prospects each year,” “In addition to engaging digital and print editorial messages about the benefits of living in our tax free state, member communities get to meet prospective retirees on their home turf,” “We experience first-hand what motivates them to move, bad weather, traffic and all”.

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AARC BOD Member, past chair and RPI Media Inc., Principal, Dave Robertson said, “This year extreme cold and snow have stimulated high retiree motivation in the Midwest & Northeastern US, This bodes well for the communities like AARC members who rely on retirees to bring jobs and resources to their area”.  Each retiree household brings four new jobs into the destination community area. High paying jobs in continuing education, construction, medical, finance and real estate sectors are primary beneficiaries. Tourism is the first beneficiary as retirees visit before they decide to buy a new home. They stay in hotels, eat in restaurants and visit area attractions. RPI Story.2

Put your community on retirees’ radar with ideal-LIVING.  Join AACR today and arm it to capture them when they visit with the AARC Seal of Approval. It is a comprehensive evaluation process for planned developments and municipalities to make sure they are equipped to get their share of the more than 15 million households who will move to retire through 2025. The Summer issue of ideal-LIVING will feature the Best Places to Retire. Communities may opt for a formatted listing that places them among the most popular destinations. Plan for a prosperous 2014 and beyond now. For more information contact

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