Message From Our Chairperson

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Welcome!  The fact that you’re here means you already recognize the tremendous market potential of retiree relocation!  Millions of dollars in wealth will be transferred based on the choices made by boomer retirees with discretion to live where they choose.  The AARC targets communities.  Whether you’re a private developer, a chamber or tourism professional, or a government official, AARC is your information source!

Now is the time to capitalize on an ever-improving housing market.  The AARC is your source for information on retiree trends and customer insight.

Is your community worthy of our “Seal of Approval”?   We recognize top communities that possess resources and amenities to attract today’s relocating retiree.  Go to to research unbiased information on retirement communities for buyers and then you will realize how important it is that your community be among this top-notch group.  To our members, we truly appreciate your membership and endearing friendship.  We are constantly looking for more ways to help you grow with our rebounding economy and to the not-yet-members we sincerely encourage you to get involved so you too can provide insight into this ever-changing segment of the market


Jeff Fleming, Chair

Confirm Sales Success

Dave Robertson, Marketing & Sales Consultant

D. Robertson Updated2015 is here, your sales target is set, but are you confident that you have applied resources in the right places to reach the goal? Here’s a quick test to make sure you will reach your sales projections.

First, take your sales target; 50 homes, and divide it by your closing percentage, 10. That gives you 500 appointments needed with a sales person in order to sell 50 homes. Now divide the 500 by your conversion rate of qualified prospects, probably around 25%. That means you must have 2,000 ready willing and able prospects who are close to purchase. Then divide that by the percentage of your database that is ready willing and able to buy now, probably about 25%. This means that you should have 8,000 prospects in your database to make your sales target of 50 homes.

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 7.29.38 AMNow analyze your 50, 500, 2,000 & 8,000 to find the low points and devote more budget to those areas. For example, if you only have 3,000 leads, you need to get more prospects into the pipeline; lists, advertising, expos etc. Or maybe you have enough leads, but you are not getting them on-site and need to plan community events that will create urgency to visit.

If your conversion percentages are low, let’s say you only close 4% of every appointment, perhaps you need to better train the sales team or adjust purchase incentives and value proposition; price & urgency. What do buyers get for their money, is it compelling and competitive? What engagement process does your team take buyers through before and during the sales appointment.

The point is that if you act now there is still time to adjust your plan and realign so that you will make that goal. Vince Lombardi said “The game is won in the fourth quarter”. But it’s never too soon to start adjusting and make sure your fourth quarter doesn’t have to be a turn around. Make it a great New Year!

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