Message From Our Chairperson

Message From Our Chairperson

Andre_NaborsWelcome! The fact that you’re here means you already recognize the tremendous market potential of retiree relocation! Millions of dollars in wealth will be transferred based on the choices made by retirees and those planning retirement with discretion to live where they choose. The AARC targets cities and communities. Whether you’re a private developer, a chamber or tourism professional, or a government official, AARC is your information source!

Now is the time to capitalize on an ever-improving housing market. The AARC is your source for information on retiree trends and customer insight.

Is your community worthy of our “Seal of Approval”?

We recognize top cities and communities that possess resources and amenities to attract today’s relocating retiree. Go to to research unbiased information on retirement communities for buyers and then you will realize how important it is that your community be among this top-notch group.

To our members, we truly appreciate your membership and endearing friendship. We are constantly looking for more ways to help you grow with our rebounding economy and to the not-yet-members we sincerely encourage you to get involved so you too can provide insight into this ever-changing segment of the market


Andre’ Nabors, Chair

Annual AARC Conference Focuses On Enhancing Retiree Attraction

The American Association of Retirement Communities (AARC) met in Downtown Asheville on November 9-11 for its annual conference, according to Andre Nabors, 2016 chair of the organization’s board of directors.

More than 100 AARC members from across the country gathered at the Crowne Plaza Hotel for three days of robust discussion focused on this year’s theme of Retiree Attraction: Positioning Your Community for Success.

The Conference featured a variety of educational workshops, panel discussions and research presentations, Nabors said. Panelists included retiree recruitment experts, economic development professionals, real estate developers, specialized software consultants and publishers of print and digital retirement publications.

Among the attendees was Kristy Peters of Focus3, a sales and marketing software company in Raleigh, NC. “This is one of the most important events of the year,” she said. “As the industry becomes more data dependent, AARC has become an indispensable resource for us. There’s no better place to meet with current and prospective customers, discuss emerging trends and get new ideas on improving our suite of products.”

The AARC Conference is equally valuable for sales and marketing professionals like Linda Buskey, Director of Sales at Bay Creek in Cape Charles, Va. “I always look forward to this conference,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity to learn from industry leaders and have valuable discussions with my peers, and I never leave without some timely takeaways.”

The organization also announced 2016-17 officers: Nabors, Chair; Rachel Baker, Vice-Chair; Kristy Peters, Secretary ; and Daniel Kier, Treasurer, Board Members included Frank Carmel, Jeff Fleming, Bill Houghton, Linda Mayhood, Mike Notartomaso, Rosie Vassallo and Ramay Winchester. The Board of Directors welcomed their newly elected members Misty Keyes and Ora-Walker Baldwin