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  • The AI Combining Automated Marketing, Lead Gen and Smart Data

    Ask any real estate agent what their No. 1 goal for any given day is, and they’ll candidly tell you listing appointments. Work it back a bit, and you can get to the root of their drive: the lead itself. Never before have leads been more of

  • Simple Steps to Building ROI From Your Listing Exposure

    When training in real estate, there is one missed item that stands out to me with several offices and agents, and that’s the inability to track any return on investment from listing exposure. There are so many sites, apps and tools being so

  • A Hands-Off Approach to Social Media

    In the following interview, Jan Gillespie, REALTOR® with RE/MAX Cinco Ranch in Katy, Texas, discusses his local market, referral-generating strategies and social media marketing. Region Served: While my concentration is in Katy, Texas, with the

  • 5 Effective Facebook Tips to Close More Leads

    Leigh Brown is the first to admit that she sounds like a character on “The Beverly Hillbillies,” but she points out that her southern accent is part of what makes her authentic—the kind of real estate agent that people like to buy h

  • Help Buyers Better Navigate Foreclosure and Short Sale Transactions

    Every buyer wants a great deal, and many continue to show an interest in purchasing a foreclosure or short sale, with the understanding that buying a house for under market value will likely provide instant equity. As real estate professionals, i

  • A New Secret Weapon for Top Producers

    Attracting new clients is front and center for most agents, from those fresh out of training to seasoned agents with decades of experience under their belt. From spending hours on social media to chasing referrals, finding new clients takes up a

  • 7 Secrets to Working in a Luxury Real Estate Market

    Editor’s Note: This was originally published on RISMedia’s blog, Housecall. See what else is cookin’ now at Renovate or Decorate? 3 Things to Consider Before Choosing Why W-2 Employees and Gig Economy Workers

  • Keeping Your Business Profitable

    In order to remain profitable in today’s market, you have to understand the business landscape and the revenue-generating strategies at your disposal. Even further, ensuring you’re part of a strong community with a reliable support sy

  • Tapping into the Latino Homebuyer Market in 2017

    There is no better occupation, in my opinion, than helping people realize their dreams. For many Latinos, a primary aspiration is purchasing a home. As real estate professionals, we have the unique opportunity to make it happen. According to the

  • Luck Doesn’t Sell Listings, Copy Points Do

    Every buyer starts their real estate search with a list of features which can return hundreds or thousands of matching homes online. Make your listing a must-see by describing the benefits of your listing instead of simply listing the features. D