2016 Conference Resources – Guest

  • Incorporate Sporting Elements to Attract New Markets – D. Twiggs
  • How To Win Retirees and Influence Their Friends – D. Spetrino
  • AARC Retiree In-Migration Research Briefing the 30 year SC Case Study / USC Tourism Study – P. Mason and S. Hudson
  • All Carrots and No Sticks:  Lifelong Learning as a Lure – C. Frank
  • How Well Do You Really Know Your Communities’ Buyers – B. Houghton
  • Developer Track:  The Latest Trends in Private Club & POA Technology – B. Boothe
  • Community Track:  Community PR-How To Maximize Exposure- H. Cooke
  • Developer Track:  Developer Roundtable – K. Peters (Moderator)
  • Community Track:  Follow Up, Follow Through – R. Winchester (Moderator)
  • The Impacts of Changing Demographics on Retirement Community Development and Marketing Messages – R. Norton
  • The Top 3 Reasons Why Tourism Has a Significant Role in Retirement Attraction and Economic Development in a Community – S. Morse
  • Web & Digital Marketing Statistics – An Open Discussion on Marketing and Social Selling – E. Porper
  • Eating Your Words:  How Culinary Torism Can Stir Up Your Community’s Pubic Relations Menu – E. Sims

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